The Skarp Laser Razor: The Bladeless Shave That Isn’t

A few months ago, I read about the Skarp Laser Razor, a new shaving device which promised to remove the hair from your face without blades. Instead, it uses a laser to give you an irritation-free, incredibly close shave.

Now I love a good shave, and normally I’m all over this sort of thing, but something about the device, while not as silly as the Norelco laser-guided razor, just seemed a bit off—and it was more than the thing’s weird, off-center design.

On its initial Kickstarter campaign, there was a video showing how it used an optical fiber imbued with light to cut hair. The video was highly dubious, both because the whole thing was filmed with a sickly green tint and because it didn’t look like the lighted fiber cut hair all that easily, quickly, or even closely.

Despite these obvious drawbacks, people seemed to love this thing. The Skarp blew past its Kickstarter goal in just a few days, eventually raising more than four million dollars against a campaign goal of $160,000. There was just one problem: the Skarp Laser Razor didn’t exist. Kickstarter rules call for working prototypes for such campaigns, and. as there was no such thing, the whole campaign was suspended. Whoops.

So the fine folks behind the Skarp moved over to Indiegogo, an alternate crowdfunding site that doesn’t have such troublesome rules as requiring a working prototype (and has even gone so far to eliminate its “anti-fraud guarantee”). In this new home, the Skarp flourished, quickly raising $422,000 (256% of its goal). And, although the campaign is now over, you can still pledge $289 get your very own “razor of the 21st century” when it’s supposed to ship in June 2016. Buyer beware.



Written by Tom Fassbender

An amateur hobbyist, expert generalist, and outdoor enthusiast who recently traveled around the world with his family.

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