Last year I posted a list of the books I’d read in 2013. But I’m going to confess here that it wasn’t completely complete. I didn’t really start keeping track until about halfway through the year.

So in 2014, I was somewhat more diligent in keeping track of what I read during the course of the year, even going so far as to set up an Evernote notebook to keep track of my read books.I did miss a few though, mainly graphic novels and comic books.

Reading during the first part of the year was pretty slow because a lot of my free time was spent planning our Trip Around the World. And I got all nostalgic and re-read a lot of 90s-era comics (for instance, the entire run of The Realm and its offshoot books) I found when I cleaned out the house. So that occupied a good chunk of my book-reading time.

But once we embarked on our trip, there has been plenty of time to read. So this, then, is a list of most of the …

… Books I Read in 2014

  • Dream Park // Larry Niven & Steven Barnes — Found while packing up a bookshelf. It was good to read an old classic.
  • Leviathan Wakes // James S. A. Corey
  • The Red Knight  // Miles Cameron — This took me longer than it should have.
  • DMQZ // Quinn Fleming — Futuristic post-plague sci-fi. Not sure I quite got the ending.
  • Altered Carbon // Richard K. Morgan
  • The Martian // Andy Weir — Soon to be a major motion picture.
2014-books-read-01 2014-books-read-02 2014-books-read-03 2014-books-read-04
  • The Last Policeman // Ben H. Winters
  • The Peripheral // William Gibson — Favorite book of the year.
  • Friends Like These // Matt Forbeck — Free! A fantasy setting with gunpowder. More my speed than the military setting of the other two flintlock fantasy on this list.
  • Goblintown Justice // Matt Forbeck — I re-read these two to refresh my memory for the piece on the Shotguns & Sorcery RPG I wrote for Geekdad.
  • Treasure Island // Robert Louis Stevenson — One of those books I’d always meant to read but never got around to … until now.
  • The Fatal Shore // Robert Hughes — The true, epic story of Australia’s founding.
2014-books-read-05 2014-books-read-06

The Book I Didn’t Finish

This year I only started one book I didn’t finish. Part of it was timing (I started it later in the year), and part of it was interest.

I’ve already gotten a good line-up of a few books that I’ll be taking on in  2015. See you next year!

Written by Tom Fassbender

An amateur hobbyist, expert generalist, and outdoor enthusiast who recently traveled around the world with his family.

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