Unboxed: BattleBox No. 1 - February 2017

BattlBox Mission 1.2 Welcome Box

A large part of camping and backpacking deals with survival, so this month Unboxed takes a look inside the BattlBox Mission 1.2, a subscription box offering survival solutions for solo campers.

7 Crazy Coffee Contraptions

Seven Crazy Coffee Contraptions

We take a look at seven crazy coffee contraptions that look mighty stylish and will set you back a good bit of money—but won’t necessarily make a better cup of coffee.

SYDN: Keratase Hair Coach

Stuff You Don’t Need: Keratase Hair Coach

When it comes to brushing your hair, you definitely don’t need the Kerastase Hair Coach.

Unboxed: BivySak December 2016

BivySak is an adventure-themed subscription box that ships quarterly, and this installment of Unboxed snuggles up with the BivySak December 2016 shipment.

Cow? Or Fish?

An Udderly Ridiculous Interaction with Niantic Ingress Support

Niantic Ingress Support wants you to believe a fish is cow.

JMT Permit Revision

Applying for a John Muir Trail Permit May Have Gotten Easier

It may be easier to apply for a John Muir Trail permit, but getting one may be more challenging, thanks to a revision in this years reservation process.

5 Backpacking Recipes

5 Backpacking Recipes Anyone Can Make

Just because you’re miles from anything resembling civilization doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a civilized meal. These 5 backpacking recipes will keep even the hungriest of hungry hikers satisfied—at least until breakfast.

Unboxed: Nomadik (November 2016)

Join me as I open up the Nomadik November 2016 subscription box and take a critical look at what’s inside.

Books I Read in 2016

Books I Read 2016

Like I do every year, in 2016 I read some books. However, despite great aspirations, I didn’t finish off as many as I’d read in 2015. That means now many of the books in my “to read in 2016” stack will carry over into 2017. At least I hope. Until then, these are the …… Read more »

Unboxed: Isle Box (November 2016)

Unboxed #6 takes a look at the Isle Box November 2016 subscription box.

  • Unboxed: Nomadik (October 2016)

    Nomadik bills itself as the Premier Subscription Box for Adventurers. So let’s dig into the Nomadik October 2016 box to see how true that is.

  • Bag Check: DIY IKea Backpack

    Bag Check: DIY IKEA Backpack

    A gent by the name of Mitch decided to make his own backpack. So he spent $6 on some IKEA Frakta shopping bags and went to work creating this DIY IKEA Backpack.

  • Fordsbasement 2016 Gift Guide

    The Fordsbasement 2016 Gift Guide

    Once again, I present you, dear reader, with my artisanal list of hand-picked, life-changing hard goods for all the adventurous heroes on your shopping list.

  • Peak to Plateau Yak Wool Baselayers

    Kickstarter Alert: Peak to Plateau Yak Wool Baselayers

    Check out these cool new yak wool baselayers from New Zealand’s Peak to Plateau on Kickstarter.

  • Unboxed: Isle Box (October 2016)

    For the fourth installment of Unboxed, I crack open the October 2016 Isle Box.

  • Gear Alert: Cotopaxi Libre Sweater

    The Cotopaxi Libre Sweater, made with sustainably farmed midweight knit lama fiber, offers year-round comfort to adventurers of all stripes. There’s just one problem …