BioLite HeadLamp

Gear Alert: BioLite HeadLamp on Kickstarter

TheBioLite HeadLamp is a lightweight, small form factor, rechargeable light source perfect for camping and hiking.

The Margarita


The Margarita is a drink that has competing claims of origination and a multitude of recipes. Featured here is the simplest.

What’s In My Think Tank 10 Bag

People have been asking me what sort of goodies I carry with me in my Think Tank 10 Cable Management bag. So here goes.

The Manhattan


When it comes to bold, boozy drinks, the Manhattan is king.

Cool Tools Podcast Appearance

An Appearance on the Cool Tools Podcast

Recently I was a guest on the Cool Tools podcast where I presented four cool tools I find useful and hope others will too. Give it a listen!

The Daiquiri


The Daiquiri is a simple yet elegant cocktail—and one well worth drinking.

Basil Smash

Basil Smash

The Basil Smash is a great and flavorful summer sipping cocktail.

Boldr Expedition Everest

Adventure Watch: Boldr Expedition Everest

Presenting the Boldr Expedition Everest, an automatic field watch with rugged good looks.

Unboxed: BattleBox No. 1 - February 2017

Unboxed: BattlBox April 2017

For this edition of Unboxed, I try to come clean with the BattlBox April 2017 subscription box which claims to be a Dopp kit.

Negroni Week: Coffee Negroni

Negroni Week: Coffee Negroni

For the final beverage of Negroni Week, we turn away from the potent spirit-forward drinks and to the civilized variant known as the Coffee Negroni (a/k/a the Caffègroni).

  • Unboxed: Isle Box (November 2016)

    Unboxed #6 takes a look at the Isle Box November 2016 subscription box.

  • Firewatch, a Game about Fire Lookout Towers

    ‘Firewatch,’ The Game About Fire Lookout Towers

    I’ve long been fascinated by Fire Lookout Towers, so when I learned about Campo Santo’s ‘Firewatch’ video game, I knew I’d definitely be playing.

  • Backcountry XX Adventure

    Backcountry XX — 20 Hidden Prizes to Celebrate 20 Years

    Backcountry XX celebrates 20 Years of Backcountry with hidden 20 prizes in remote outdoor locations across the United States. You’re challenged to get out and find them.

  • Unboxed: Nomadik (October 2016)

    Nomadik bills itself as the Premier Subscription Box for Adventurers. So let’s dig into the Nomadik October 2016 box to see how true that is.

  • Bag Check: DIY IKea Backpack

    Bag Check: DIY IKEA Backpack

    A gent by the name of Mitch decided to make his own backpack. So he spent $6 on some IKEA Frakta shopping bags and went to work creating this DIY IKEA Backpack.

  • Fordsbasement 2016 Gift Guide

    The Fordsbasement 2016 Gift Guide

    Once again, I present you, dear reader, with my artisanal list of hand-picked, life-changing hard goods for all the adventurous heroes on your shopping list.