7 Crazy Coffee Contraptions

Seven Crazy Coffee Contraptions

We take a look at seven crazy coffee contraptions that look mighty stylish and will set you back a good bit of money—but won’t necessarily make a better cup of coffee.

SYDN: Keratase Hair Coach

Stuff You Don’t Need: Keratase Hair Coach

When it comes to brushing your hair, you definitely don’t need the Kerastase Hair Coach.

Unboxed: BivySak December 2016

BivySak: They Ship. You Explore. BivySak, unlike some of the other subscription boxes I’ve reviewed here, ships quarterly. This means, of course, it’s a little more expensive on a per-shipment basis. However, if you look at the cost over a three-month period,the price of each shipment is competitive with other boxes, which tend to run… Read more »

Cow? Or Fish?

An Udderly Ridiculous Interaction with Niantic Ingress Support

Niantic Ingress Support wants you to believe a fish is cow.

JMT Permit Revision

Applying for a John Muir Trail Permit May Have Gotten Easier

It may be easier to apply for a John Muir Trail permit, but getting one may be more challenging, thanks to a revision in this years reservation process.

5 Backpacking Recipes

5 Backpacking Recipes Anyone Can Make

Just because you’re miles from anything resembling civilization doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a civilized meal. These 5 backpacking recipes will keep even the hungriest of hungry hikers satisfied—at least until breakfast.

Unboxed: Nomadik (November 2016)

Join me as I open up the Nomadik November 2016 subscription box and take a critical look at what’s inside.

Books I Read in 2016

Books I Read 2016

Like I do every year, in 2016 I read some books. However, despite great aspirations, I didn’t finish off as many as I’d read in 2015. That means now many of the books in my “to read in 2016” stack will carry over into 2017. At least I hope. Until then, these are the …… Read more »

Unboxed: Isle Box (November 2016)

Unboxed #6 takes a look at the Isle Box November 2016 subscription box.

Firewatch, a Game about Fire Lookout Towers

‘Firewatch,’ The Game About Fire Lookout Towers

I’ve long been fascinated by Fire Lookout Towers, so when I learned about Campo Santo’s ‘Firewatch’ video game, I knew I’d definitely be playing.

  • Making IPA Pickles: Results (and a Recipe)

    As it turns out, pickles are insanely easy to make and the recipe is perfect for experimentation. And that’s how I decided to make two batches of IPA Pickles.

  • The books I read in 2015

    Books I Read in 2015

    A list of the books I read in 2015.

  • How to Drive off a Mountain Road

    How to Drive off a Mountain Road

    When driving CA-2 (the Angeles Crest Highway), it’s critical to always remember one thing — you’re on a mountain, and if you lose control of your vehicle, there’s a very real chance you’ll drive right off of it.

  • On Making Fire Cider

    This winter I mixed up a small batch of Fire Cider, a curative tonic made from all sorts of spicy, sinus-clearing ingredients. Here’s how it turned out.

  • Mr. B's Christmas Album

    A Very Mr. B Christmas

    It’s no secret that there are only a few unconventional Christmas songs that I enjoy listening to around the holiday season. But this year, thanks to the the ragtime, chap-hop musical stylings of The Gentleman Rhymer, it’s going to be a very Mr. B Christmas.

  • Fordsbasement 2015 Gift Guide

    The Fordsbasement 2015 Gift Guide

    It’s time for the 2015 edition of the Fordsbasement Gift Guide!