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On the Popularity of the Backyard Pizza Oven

The Backyard Pizza Oven is this generation’s Fondue Set.

Today, the Backyard Pizza Oven is a popular gift choice, not at all unlike the nostalgic Fondue Set from days of yore.

A Fondue Party in action.
You never forget your first Fondue Party.

Once upon a time, American couples loved gifting each other fondue sets and hosting in-home fondue parties. Or at least that’s what our society was led to believe. Turns out the whole thing was a ruse engineered by Big Cheese.

Back in the day, not many people used their fondue set more than once. The whole process of fonduing is rather involved. As a result, most of these sets quickly got relegated to a forgotten corner in the basement.

People don’t go in for the Fondue Set much these days. Sure, they still exist. Williams-Sonoma will even sell you one for $770 if you feel you have too much money.

Instead, the new darling of the get-together set is the Backyard Pizza Oven.

Introducing the New Fondue Set

These Ovens — usually made of aluminum with stubby legs that give them a small enough footprint to rest on the picnic table — have proven to be popular gifts.

Such gifts, of course, will be enthusiastically received. However, that joy will fade quickly once the Oven is put to use.

Loading a fresh pizza into the oven.
The oven in action! Photo by Yoav Aziz on Unsplash.

In short order, the new owner will discover that their Backyard Pizza Oven is not only a pain to use, but it can be very difficult to evenly cook a pizza inside one unless you know what you’re doing.

It’s a device that seems designed to make a single pizza for one or maybe two pizza lovers. If you’re hosting a backyard pizza oven party, it’s almost impossible to get everyone their own hot pizza at the same time.

Soon enough, then, this new Pizza Oven will end up stored in the basement with all the other domestic detritus.

Enhanced Impracticality

A small, portable Pizza Oven is even more impractical than a Fondue Set. If you really want some fondue, you don’t have many options. You can either dust off the old pot and fire up the Sterno to make your own or pay a visit to The Melting Pot.

If you really want a pizza, however, you have countless options open to you. Most obviously, you can just pick up the phone or visit a website and someone will bring a fresh, hot pizza to your door in less time than it takes to stoke the flames of the Pizza Oven and cook your own.

Header image by Yoav Aziz on Unsplash.

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