Books I Read in 2014

Last year I posted a list of the books I’d read in 2013. But I’m going to confess here that it wasn’t completely complete. I didn’t really start keeping track until about halfway through the year.

So in 2014, I was somewhat more diligent in keeping track of what I read during the course of the year, even going so far as to set up an Evernote notebook to keep track of my read books.I did miss a few though, mainly graphic novels and comic books.

Reading during the first part of the year was pretty slow because a lot of my free time was spent planning our Trip Around the World. And I got all nostalgic and re-read a lot of 90s-era comics (for instance, the entire run of The Realm and its offshoot books) I found when I cleaned out the house. So that occupied a good chunk of my book-reading time.

But once we embarked on our trip, there has been plenty of time to read. So this, then, is a list of most of the …

… Books I Read in 2014

  • Dream Park // Larry Niven & Steven Barnes — Found while packing up a bookshelf. It was good to read an old classic.
  • Leviathan Wakes // James S. A. Corey
  • The Red Knight  // Miles Cameron — This took me longer than it should have.
  • DMQZ // Quinn Fleming — Futuristic post-plague sci-fi. Not sure I quite got the ending.
  • Altered Carbon // Richard K. Morgan
  • The Martian // Andy Weir — Soon to be a major motion picture.





  • The Last Policeman // Ben H. Winters
  • The Peripheral // William Gibson — Favorite book of the year.
  • Friends Like These // Matt Forbeck — Free! A fantasy setting with gunpowder. More my speed than the military setting of the other two flintlock fantasy on this list.
  • Goblintown Justice // Matt Forbeck — I re-read these two to refresh my memory for the piece on the Shotguns & Sorcery RPG I wrote for Geekdad.
  • Treasure Island // Robert Louis Stevenson — One of those books I’d always meant to read but never got around to … until now.
  • The Fatal Shore // Robert Hughes — The true, epic story of Australia’s founding.



The Book I Didn’t Finish

This year I only started one book I didn’t finish. Part of it was timing (I started it later in the year), and part of it was interest.

I’ve already gotten a good line-up of a few books that I’ll be taking on in  2015. See you next year!

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