Celebrating Instagram

Celebrating Instagram

Three Years With My Favorite Social Network

Instagram launched on October 6, 2010. I posted my first photo on November 15, 2010.

Celebrating Instagram

At first, I added photos slowly. I’d post maybe one every few days, then a week would go by before I’d add something new. But these days I try to update my feed at least once a day, maybe twice, but seldom more than that. One doesn’t want to bleed the feed.

I post things that I find interesting, memorable, personal, or just plain weird. In all honesty, they’re not all winning shots. I’ll occasionally try something that looks okay on the screen but totally doesn’t work after I hit the share button. But that’s part of the charm; there is beauty in imperfection.

In my first three years of Instagrammin’, here are 35 of my favorite Instagram snaps.

A collection of StickyGram magnets from my Instagram feed.
Go on, click an image!

Wait … Are those magnets? How does that work?

You may have noticed that the images displayed above are mounted on magnets. Yes, magnets are cool, but they’re even cooler when they feature photos you took.

That’s where StickyGram Sticky9 comes in.

For $14.99 $15.99 (post-paid anywhere in the world), StickyGram will turn photos you select from your Instagram feed into one-inch square magnets (nine per sheet). It has one of the easiest ordering interfaces I’ve ever used, a hassle-fee log in with your Instagram account, super-simple pricing, and very fast shipping.

[Update: 11/20/17]: Alas, Sticky9 went out of business in 2017. But if you’re still looking to turn your Instagram shots into magnets, Social Print Studio offers the same service starting at $14 for a pack of 10.

It’s one of my favorite things to do with Instagram photos. There are a few other cool things you can do with your Instagram photos — read more about those in my post about it over on GeekDad.

My first-ever Instagram from November, 2010.


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