Coffee beans spilling out of an orange Fiestaware cup.

The Coffee Apocalypse, A Reversal?

Nearly two years ago, I read about the alleged coming coffee apocalypse. As a long-time drinker of coffee, I was naturally distressed.

Coffee beans spilling out of an orange Fiestaware cup.

But in a recent article from Roberto A. Ferdman at Quartz (a digitally native news outlet for business people in the new global economy), the word in the worldwide marketplace is that Arabica coffee prices are trading at the lowest levels in almost five years, due primarily to a bumper crop of Brazilian coffee.

That’s good news!

Maybe this so-called coffee apocalypse is about as real as the Mayan apocalypse — although we still have a long time before it’s supposed to arrive (New Scientist asserts the coffee apocalypse won’t be upon us until 2080).

Now, Ferdman is quick to point out, this doesn’t mean you’ll be seeing a cheaper cup of coffee at the coffee shop, due largely to fixed costs and the price of doing business.

So if you want to benefit from this drop in coffee prices, you’ll have to brew it yourself.

So, the coffee apocalypse may not be as dire as previously reported. But the wine apocalypse — now that’s something to be worried about.

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