Bag Check: DIY IKea Backpack
Bag Check

Bag Check: DIY IKEA Backpack

Bag Check: DIY IKea Backpack

When I went shopping for a lightweight backpack to carry with me on the John Muir Trail, I tried on a lot of different packs. I eventually settled on the Osprey Exos 58. It turned out to be a popular choice—there were many hikers with that same pack on the trail that year.

A gent down San Diego-way by the name of Mitch, after going through a similar search, decided to make his own. So he spent $6 on some IKEA Frakta shopping bags and went to work.

DIY IKea Backpack in action.

After coming up with a design, he used the IKEA shopping bags for the main body of the bag and the remnants of an old wetsuit for the staps and waistbelt. He wisely included a sleeve that fits a Therm-a-Rest Z Lite Mattress for support.

When it was all done, the bright blue pack weighed it an an impressively low 17 ounces. Since the Frakta bags are rated to 55 pounds, the pack should carry everything an ultralight enthusiast would need on an adventure (as long as Mitch’s sewing skills are solid).

Mitch estimates it cost him a total of about $30 (and a lot of his own time) to make his DIY IKEA backpack. He sold it on eBay for $275 (which is a lot more than many ultralight backpacks on the market today). At least shipping was included.

Images courtesy of SanDiegoMitch.


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