Friends of P-22 T-shirt

Friends of P-22 T-Shirt

P-22 is the mountain lion that lives inside the boundaries of Griffith Park in Los Angeles. You may have read about him when he became Internet famous in 2013 when his discovery was documented and his picture graced the cover of National Geographic‘s December 2013 issue.

Steve Winter’s iconic photo of P-22 from the cover of National Geographic, December 2013.

Over the years there have been a lot of stories about the big guy (he recently dispatched one of the koalas of the Los Angeles Zoo), and his exploits are well-documented at his Urban Carnivores page. He’s even got his own Facebook page.

Koala murdering aside, he’s a pretty cool cat, and it’s pretty fabulous that he’s made his home in the park. So I was delighted when I learned my friend Kista designed a really classy Friends of P-22 T-shirt.


I’ve ordered one (when it comes to urban predators, it’s better to be friends than enemies), and you can get yours on her Etsy shop, available in men’s and women’s sizes, for $28.


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