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Gillette Burned by Movember

Facial Hair a Growing Concern for Proctor & Gamble

Outside Magazine reported on a recent claim by Proctor & Gamble (owners of the Gillette brand) that the cultural phenomenon known as Movember is hurting their profits—to the tune of $700 million. According to Outside:

P&G attributes much of this loss to a decrease in facial-hair grooming due to a market trend and a generation that favors a little stubble.

Movember Isn’t the Problem

There may be a hair of truth to P&G’s statement, but let’s consider the cost of their products. An 8-pack of Mach 3 Razor Blades runs a whopping $22, and an 8-pack of Fusion Proglide Blades will set you back $29.

Now I’m going to hazard a guess that the expense of these blades have a negative impact on the P&G balance sheet, because almost every gent I know complains about the price of the Gillette blades—unless, of course, he knows better.

A Better Way to Shave

Yes, there is a better way to shave: Learn how to shave like a man.


How to Shave Like a Man How to Shave Like a Man

Sure, I’ve shaved my face something like 10,000 times, but I’ve been doing it all wrong. Then I learned how to shave like a man. You can too.




And if you’re going to grow a beard or moustache, by all means, keep it well groomed.


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