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Illegal Trouble

Is Best Avoided

Aside from being a picture I took recently, I wanted to try out the changes to the Flickr embed code. As you can see above, this new(ish) feature embeds not only the photo you have chosen (with an overlay showing attribution, title, and a [convenient?] link back to Flickr), but your whole photostream, which is kind of cool. But I can also see where it would be a hassle if all you want to do is dress up a post or share a photo.

You can still use the old HTML-based Flickr embed code, if you so choose. By way of comparison, here’s the old version of the same photo.

Illegal Trouble

In retrospect, this photo would be a great addition to  3 Things I Know About Prison.

In Related News …

I received a jury duty notice in the mail last night. Oddly enough, a few days prior, I’d just been talking with a friend about his recent appointment to a jury. So whatever you do, don’t talk about jury duty.

This photo is from the Old Zoo in Griffth Park, a great and sometimes creepy place to visit. For the launch of By the Balls: The Complete Collection, Jim Pascoe and I  filmed a short conversation there about Collaboration.

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