Coffee beans spilling out of an orange Fiestaware cup.

The Most Expensive Cup of Coffee I’ve Ever Had


I like coffee. I like to brew coffee. But I don’t like spilling coffee. So when I spilled some coffee on my relatively new Macbook Air recently, I was a little upset. Coffee, it seems, even in small quantities, is very good at shorting out electronic circuits.

It cost me $742 to repair, making that particular cup of coffee the most expensive cup of coffee I’ve ever paid for. Clearly, I needed a better solution for keeping the coffee on my desk away from my electronics.

Enter The Incredible Spill Not

This amazing device from Edmund Scientifics uses the power of centrifugal force, lateral force, center of gravity, and a Möbius strip to keep your coffee in the mug and not on your computer. Check out this demonstration:

So there you have it. Protect your computer and have some fun with science at the same time with the The Incredible Spill Not, just $12.95 (a significant savings over $742).


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