John Muir at Mirror Lake

John Muir Trail Encounters: Mama Bear & Monkey

While hiking the John Muir Trail this summer, I stopped to check out what the inside of the Stone Hut on top of Muir Pass looked like. It looked pretty neat.

Muir Pass Stone Hut Interior
The non-working fireplace inside the stone hut at Muir Pass.

Inside, I met Heather (trail name “Mama Bear”) and Sierra (trail name “Monkey”), a mother-and-daughter team who were hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) together. Just in case you don’t know, the PCT runs from Mexico to Canada, a daunting 2,663 miles (more, if you count the almost necessary off-trail resupply excursions).

What really impressed me about these two, more so than any of the many other PCT thru-hikers I met, was that Sierra was eight years old at the time (she has since turned nine, I think). Her enthusiasm was boundless, and that morning she was very excited to go see the mountain frogs at Wanda Lake.

I’ve checked in on their progress occasionally over the past few months, and I was very pleased to see they finished the very impressive and inspirational journey yesterday.

I’m glad to have met them and am very happy they completed their adventure.

You can read about the whole journey on their blog.


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