John Muir Trail T-Shirt

Cool John Muir Trail T-Shirt

A Great John Muir Trail T-Shirt

I’m not always fond of commemorative-style T-shirts, but I really like the design of this John Muir Trail T-Shirt from Anywhere Wild. It’s a 50/50 cotton/polyester blend and is, as advertised, really soft.

Anything Wild was started by Marcus Edvalson, an adventuresome gent who wanted a cool John Muir Trail T-shirt. But he couldn’t find one he liked, so he made his own. The company also offers a few other typographically designed T-shirts, but the JMT design is by far my favorite—although the Explorers Society T-Shirt is pretty swell, too.

Anywhere Wild T-Shirts

So if your T-shirt collection is getting a little stale, visit Anywhere Wild and freshen it right up. Use the code ‘FREESHIP’ to get free shipping on any order over $50. You’ll may also get a few extra goodies that Marcus had cooked up, like patches and a neat “Sleep Outside” lapel pin.


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