That time Jonny Quest Met Hellboy

That Time Jonny Quest Met Hellboy …

Remember that Jonny QuestHellboy team-up?

Of course that never happened. But we can see how awesome it would have been, thanks to the nostalgic retrofitting of artist Derek Langille.

That Time Jonny Quest Met Hellboy
Hellboy enjoys a good laugh with Race Bannon, Dr. Benton Quest, Jonny Quest, and Hadji. No word on what Bandit was up to.

That picture is from the end of the story, when everyone was all friendly. But before that, things were a little more tense …

That Time Jonny Quest Met Hellboy
The classic fake-out: Hellboy scares the bejeezus out of Jonny and Hadji before they realize they’re on the same side.

[via Superpunch2]


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