Merrell Proterra Sport

Shoes for Adventure: Merrell Proterra Sport

I’ve been wearing a pair of Merrell Proterra Sport shoes on my family’s trip around the world, and they’ve been on my feet nearly every day for almost 300 days.

They’ve walked in the rain forests of Costa Rica, the jungles of Panama, among the giant heads on Easter Island, and on a farm in Western Australia.

They’ve made it through freezing winter days in Seoul, explored the Great Wall of China, trekked through the wilds of India’s Golden Triangle, and strode upon the sun-baked streets of Vietnam and Thailand.

Merrell Proterra in Istanbul
On the streets of Istanbul.

They’ve tread across some of the oldest streets in the world—the ancient avenues of Rome, Athens, and Istanbul—and down the cobblestone streets of many cities throughout Europe.

They look so good, in fact, I had a shoe shine man in Istanbul who really wanted to give them a shine. I declined.

But after all that, they’re starting to show a little wear and tear (as one might expect), but they’re still comfortable, and I enjoy lacing them up each morning. We’ve got about 50  more days on this crazy adventure, and I’m hoping they’ll last through to the end. Barring an unforseen shoe disaster, it looks like they’ll make it.

The downside is that Merrell no longer seems to make the Proterra Sport. This has always been my trouble with shoes in general—just when you find a pair you like, they vanish from the market.

Hopefully, I can find a suitable replacement when the journey ends.

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