Mountaineering Gear: A Practical Guide

A man who climbs mountains should know a lot about mountaineering gear.

Mountaineer Alan Arnette is currently in the process of climbing the tallest peak on each of the Earth’s seven continents (known throughout mountain-climbing circles as the seven summits). He’s doing this to raise awareness and $1 million for Alzheimer’s research. He’s already got three summits under his belt and is attempting his fourth peak—Denali (also known as Mt. McKinley)—as this is written.

It’s worth nothing that this is happening almost immediately after Arnette’s successful summit of Mount Everest on May 21, 2011.

I don’t really have any huge desire to climb Everest (too many chances for someone else to do something dumb and kill me), I do climb the occasional mountain in Southern California.

The Author on Mt. Whitney, 2008
The author on the summit of Mt. Whitney. August, 2008.

I always enjoy reading about Arnette’s exploits, insights, and experiences. So I was very interested to read the recent article in Outside where he recaps what mountaineering gear he used (and what he didn’t use) during his Everest experience. If you’re planning on climbing a mountain of any size anytime soon, it’s well worth a read.

And if you, like me, are inspired by Arnette’s journey and his goals, consider donating to one of his selected Alzheimer’s charities.


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