Unboxed: Nomadik (October 2016)

Nomadik: The Premier Subscription Box for Adventurers

Unboxed Nomadik, Box One

Nomadik is yet another subscription box service powered by Cratejoy. They make the bold claim that all their products are tested on trips and given a “stamp-of-approval” by world-class adventurers.

Nomadik Pricing

Nomadik offers one-month ($30), three-month($83) and six-month ($158) subscriptions. Each box contains between three and five “high-end products” (their marketing copy) valued up to either $45 in value or $40 in value, depending on what part of Nomadik site you believe. Unlike the other boxes I’ve ordered, Nomadik charged me tax (perhaps because they’re headquarted in California). Shipping was still free.

Ordering Nomadik

I signed up on October 10 and immediately got a confirmation email in what I’ve come to recognize as the standard Cratejoy format telling me I’ll be charged each month until I cancel. There was no word, though, on when my first box would ship. I waited about a week and hadn’t heard anything from them, so I filled out their on-site contact form asking when I could expect the first one.

I received a slightly snarky response about such details being in the FAQ. Okay, so I admit I hadn’t read the FAQ (but I hadn’t even seen it on the site) so I felt a little silly for asking. But once I knew about it, I still had to hunt to find the link to the FAQ at the very bottom of the page. The email went on to tell me they were switching up “some things with our fulfillment.” So maybe not everything is detailed on the FAQ after all.

On October 21 I received an email, along with a USPS tracking number, that my box was on the way. However, the tracking number that I was provided didn’t show up in the USPS system until October 27, which was a bit curious and (especially after my experience with the still-vanished S.E.R.E.Box), was a bit concerning. But my first Nomadik box eventually arrived on my doorstep on October 29.

First Impression

My first Nomadik box was a little more stout than other subscription boxes I’d received, not so much in weight but more in appearance.

Nomadik First Impression

The box was well-packed but there was nothing fancy (like fake moss). Inside, three pieces of gear were nestled among shredded cardboard packing material (which doubles as good tinder).


What was most interesting about this box was that of the three items, I’d already received two in other recent subscription boxes.

Luci EMRG Light

Luci Light by MPowerd

This lightweight, waterproof, inflatable solar lantern from Mpowerd was one of my duplicate items. I’d also received this in my only S.E.R.E.Box shipment back in April. It’s still a pretty nifty piece of gear. Retail price: $12.

  • Usefulness: 8/10. My previous assement stands. Light is useful on outdoor tips, especially when extra batteries aren’t needed.
  • Purchasability: 10/10. We own a few of these (not all Luci brand lights though), bought for easy lighting during family camping excursions.
  • Usability: 10/10. During our family car camping trips, we found these very useful to light up the cooking table and the tent. They’re also great for those late-night runs to the vault toilets. I’ve taken to carrying my previously received Luci light in my backpack, so it’s something I definitely use.

Lulabop Qliplet

Lulabop Qliplet Closed

The Lulabop Qliplet bills itself as “the next generation super clip.” It’s a strange little device, essentially a modified carabiner with a rotating, folding hook (the big selling point). It’s made of aluminum and rubber, and while it weighs in at two ounces (56 grams), it can hold loads up to 50 pounds. Retail price: $20.

  • Usefulness: 5/10. I can see many non-essential uses for this piece of gear, but most of them can be handled by a regular old carabiner.
  • Purchasability: 4/10. I’m reasonably sure I would never have bought this, but it may have inspired some curiosity.
  • Usability: 4/10. Definitely a situational item, but I will likely use it for hanging a lantern over the cook stove or from the top of the tent.

Lulabop Qliplet Open

HydraPak SoftFlask 750ml

HydraPak SoftFlask 750

I also received a Hydrapak SoftFlask in my first Isle Box shipment. I don’t like it any more now than I did then, especially not when an empty water or Gatorade bottle already does the trick. Retail price: $22 (listed as $21 on the HydroPak site).

  • Usefulness: 6/10. Water bottles are useful, but they’re not all that easy to use when they collapse.
  • Purchasability: 1/10. I can’t imagine a scenario where I’d buy one of these.
  • Usability: 1/10. I tried to use it and pretty much hated it. The bottle is very difficut to drink from as it gets close to empty.

Combined Goods Total

Adding up the totals of all the items gives us a value of $62, easily topping the promised vale of $45.

Unboxed Gear Score

My first Nomadik box earned 49 points out of a possible 90, giving it an Unboxed Gear Score of 54. If you’re wondering, here’s how I figure the Unboxed Gear Score.

Final Thoughts

Despite the relatively high gear score, I’m not sold on this box yet. The Luci light, which is a pretty handy piece of gear, tipped the scales in its favor. And I didn’t see any stamps of approval or testimonials form word-class adventurers. We’ll see what next month brings. In the meantime, if this looks interesting to you, feel free to give Nomadik a try.


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