Unboxed: Nomadik (November 2016)

“Enhance Your Outdoor Experience”

My Nomadik November 2016 box landed in my mailbox during the waning days of November, just late enough to make me wonder if it would be showing up. Unsurprisingly, it looked identical to my October Nomadik subscription box.

Unboxed Nomadik November 2016: The Box

But what the box looks like isn’t all that important—it’s more interesting to open it up. So let’s take a look at what was inside.

Power Practical Lithium 4400

Nomadik November 2016 Power Practical 4400

The PowerPractical Lithium 4400 is another entry in the ever-growing list of portable light & power solutions like the BioLite PowerLight Mini. In this case, the 4400 stands for 4,400 milliamp hours (mAh), which more than triples the PowerLight Mini’s battery output. On the other end of functionality, however, the Power Practical doesn’t pump out as much light as the Powerlight Mini. At four ounces (113 grams), it’s also a bit heavier than the PowerLight’s three ounces (85 grams). Still, it’s a decent piece of gear that works great for night-time map-reading. Retail price: $30.

Power Practical 4400

  • Usefulness: 8/10. Any device that combines light and battery power is mighty useful indeed.
  • Purchasability: 6/10. It’s an increasingly crowded niche, but this is appealing enough that I’d consider buying one.
  • Usability: 8/10. This will be taking up some pack space on future outings to give it a proper field test.

GearAid Tenacious Tape Mini Gear Patches

Nomadik November 2016 Tenacious Tape Patches

I always carry a roll of GearAid Tenacious Tape with me when I venture into the outdoors. It’s one of those key items you hope you never have to use but are glad to have it if something goes awry. And these Tenacious Tape Mini Gear Patches are even more convenient than a roll of the stuff. Retail Price: $5.00.

  • Usefulness: 10/10. This is some super-useful stuff. It can salvage a trip from being mighty uncomfortable or even a total disaster.
  • Purchasability: 10/10. I’ve bought many a roll of this tape, and I wouldn’t hesitate to add a pack of these patches to my shopping basket.
  • Usability: 10/10. I’ve never had to use them, but I’ve been carrying them on every outing since they arrived.

NiteIze BetterBands 5″

Nomadik November 2016 NiteIze Better Bands

This package of two NiteIze BetterBands is repeat item—I received a set in my very first subscription box. If you recall, I wasn’t a fan of these things—and I’m still not. Retail price: Nomadik claims this to be $5.00, although you can buy them from NiteIze for $3.89).

  • Usefulness: 3/10. I kind of have some ideas for these, but plain old paracord and some good knot know-how will do the job just fine.
  • Purchasability: 0/10. I wouldn’t have bought these when I received them in my Cairn shipment, and that has not changed.
  • Usability: 1/10. It’s a confusing product to use. Even after a second attempt, it’s not something I enjoy trying to figure out.

Combined Goods Total

The gear included with the Nomadik November 2016 shipment totals just under $40 ($39 if you use the $4.00 retail price for the BetterBands), which is slightly under their promised value of $45. It is, however, still above the $32.69 the box cost me.

Unboxed Gear Score

This box totaled 56 points out of a possible 90, earning an Unboxed Gear Score of 62. I didn’t take any points off for falling below the promised dollar value, but perhaps that’s a factor I need to reconsider in my rating system.

Canceling Nomadik

Canceling Nomadik, like other Cratejoy-powered subscription boxes, is pretty easy: just log on to your account and click a button. But before you can fully cancel, a required form asks you to give a reason why you’re canceling and offer an explanation about what they could have done better.

Final Thoughts

Even though this box had a relatively high Unboxed Gear Score, I was a little disappointed—and I’m not sure why. Two of the included products were solid selections—and something I would have definitely considered picking up . Maybe it’s because there was no single big, sexy product or maybe it’s because the BetterBands are a total dud for me.

In the end, though, I’d consider signing up for Nomadik again. If you’re so inclined, try Nomadik for yourself.

Unboxed is the continuing report of my personal foray into the world of subscription boxes aimed at the outdoor enthusiast.


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