And Now for Something Completely Delicious: Pubcakes!

Cupcakes baked with beer. What a concept!

I can’t remember where, exactly, but on September 4 I learned about Misty Birchall’s Pubcakes Kickstarter campaign at nearly the last minute. The Kickstarter was going to end in a few hours, so I had to think fast if I wanted to chip in.

Now I didn’t know anything about Pubcakes (other than they were made with beer). I certainly didn’t know that Birchall had been selling Pubcakes at the hippest beer bars, coffee shops, and Farmer’s Markets in the San Diego area for years.

All I really knew was that cupcakes baked with beer sounded like a great idea. And I knew that backing this project would earn me my “Food” pie slice on Kickstarter.

So I plunked down $15 for the choice of one of four Pubcakes flavors and, like most Kickstarters I back, promptly forgot about it. Until, that is, a few weeks later, when I got an email prompting me to choose which flavor of Pubcakes mix I wanted. I went with Chocolate Stout because, well, chocolate. And stout.

And, as promised, earlier this month, a bag of Pubcakes Chocolate Stout mix showed up in my mailbox. (Side note: it was one of the smoothest Kickstarters ever.)

Turns out the family had a little extra time this evening, so we decided it was a great time to bake some Pubcakes. The process was pretty simple. We gathered the ingredients (since these were Chocolate Stout, I opted to bake with Eagle Rock Brewery‘s Solidarity) …

Pubcakes Ingredients
This is all you need to make a batch of Pubcakes.

… and whipped up the mix in a jiff. As we slid the cupcake tin into the oven, my youngest daughter proclaimed, “We need to make frosting!”

We’d just made some Pubcakes and were feeling pretty bold — why not make some frosting to round things out? We took to the Internet and after a quick search found a simple buttercream icing recipe we whipped up (only later did we find out that Misty has a great vegan frosting recipe on the Pubcakes site — we’ll try it next time).

In less than 20 minutes, the smell of Pubcakes filled the house, so we pulled them out of the oven …

Pubcakes: Out of the Oven
Just out of the oven.

… added some frosting …

Pubcake: Ready to Eat
As you can see, no one will mistake me for a frosting-spreading expert..

… and ate some Pubcakes. They were, in fact, delicious.

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