Proper Upkeep of a Well-Groomed Beard

It’s November, and a lot of fellas out there take it upon themselves to grow a mustache (or perhaps a moustache) or even a beard during this 30-day stretch of time. (In related news, did you know there’s an American Mustache Institute? There is!)

While my fondness for a proper shave is the stuff of legend, every so often (such as during a hike along the John Muir Trail), I like to let the facial hair go and cultivate a beard.

When that happens, I prefer to keep that beard (and the skin underneath) in good shape with Burroughs Beard Oil (so named for naturalist and epic beard-wearer John Burroughs) from Prospector Co.

A bottle of Burroughs Beard Oil froM Prospector Co.

Now let’s be honest. Wearing a well-groomed beard requires serious dedication. But with the proper commitment, a beard can be a pretty epic affair. Unfortunately, I’m afraid that no matter how epic my own beard might get, I won’t be winning any awards — and I doubt it will ever be epic enough for beardvertising. Perhaps your facial hair will fare better.


After I wrote the bulk of this post, I attended a party where I found myself having a most amiable chat with a gent about the trials and tribulations of facial hair maintenance. He tipped me off to Man’s Face Stuff, an Etsy shop out of Portland that makes affordable line of moustache waxes. It looked like pretty promising stuff. So I ordered up a tin of Rum Runner, and, as of this writing, I’m eagerly waiting for that to arrive. There will almost certainly be more on this later …


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