Red Hulk: Resolution

Hulk Vol. 1: Red Hulk
Seeing red: this book may make you angry.

Earlier this year my daughters and I started an epic adventure to buy Red Hulk Volume 1 from a local store. And while the adventure itself was indeed epic, it comes to a rather boring end: I bought it from Amazon.

Anyway, since we now owned it, I took about 15 minutes and gave it a read. It encapsulated pretty much everything about contemporary superhero comics that I find unsatisfying. I remember when superhero comics told a story (although to be fair, some still do).

My daughters, however, are young and have lower expectations. Or so I thought.

But my eldest daughter didn’t like it. “Why not?” I asked.

“It has all these superheroes just falling out of the sky.”

Which is true, it does have superheros falling out of the sky. But more specifically, she explained that there was no good reason for those superheroes to be falling out of the sky, recognizing the definitive lack of story in this book.

But now, in a decision unrelated to this particular book, my youngest daughter has named Hulk as her second favorite superhero (behind Thor, of course). So we may need to try some better Hulk graphic novels.

Full disclosure: Author paid for a copy of the above mentioned graphic novel and now has to live with that decision.


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