SaddleBaby Shoulder Carrier

Stuff You Don’t Need: SaddleBaby Shoulder Carrier

What You Don’t Need to Carry Your Kids

I’ve got two kids. I’ve logged many hours walking around stores, theme parks, zoos, and hiking trails with one of them sitting squarely on my shoulders. Sometimes this went on for hours. It’s just one of many things that dads do.

My kids are too grown up for the shoulder-riding treatment these days, but in all the time I did have a child sitting in my shoulders, neither they nor I ever needed any sort of facilitating device—and certainly not the SaddleBaby Shoulder Carrier.

SaddleBaby Shoulder Carrier

What a useless contraption. You just don’t need it.

How to Carry a Child on Your Shoulders

If you’re uncertain about how to go about carrying a young human on your shoulders, I’m here to help with this short guide:

  1. Determine child’s willingness. When it comes to shoulder-riding, my (extensive) experience has shown this willingness hovers right around 100%.
  2. Pick up child. If the child is not your own, I recommend you obtain permission first. This cannot be stressed enough.
  3. Lift child over your head. This is the most challenging step of the process and is more difficult with larger children. You may be required to drop your chin to your chest or even crouch down.
  4. Position child. The child’s belly should be against the back of your head and one leg should rest comfortably on either side of your neck.
  5. Hold child’s legs gently but firmly. This is optional, depending on the thrillseeking level of the child.
  6. Walk around.

Boom. You just saved $90.


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