Slacking Off: A Slacklining Story

Slacking Off: A Slacklining Story

Amateur Slacklining

On a recent family camping trip, I brought along a Gibbon Slackline I picked up from The Clymb. (Note: if you’re an adventurous type and like good deals on great gear, do yourself a favor and join The Clymb—it’s free).

Slacking Off

I set it up between two trees, and over the course of the weekend almost everyone gave slacklining a try—kid and adult alike. Despite numerous strategies and techniques (fast, slow, sideways, tightrope-walker style), no one could really get the hang of it except one of the kids who has mad skateboarding skills.

Professional Slacklining

So none of us could aspire to the level of  daredevil Andy Lewis who, in this GoPro video, is slacklining between two hot air balloons 4,000 feet above the Earth—with no safety line.

He does wear a parachute, though.



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