The Snowpeak Sky Nest Tent

Weird Gear: Snowpeak Sky Nest Tent

People love hammocks. Some people love them so much that Snowpeak, best known for manufacturing titanium camping cookware and sporks, has “expanded the possibilities of the tent” with the Sky Nest, a tent that hangs between two trees like a hammock.

The Snowpeak Sky Nest

This aptly named Snowpeak Sky Nest features mesh windows, which are great for looking out at the but also has a unique liner to keep the inside of the tent dry (always beneficial). It’s even got a little exterior pocket on the bottom of the tent where you slip in your dirty hiking shoes so the inside of the tent stays dirt-free (also always beneficial). And in case you’re concerned about harming these supportive trees (rightly so), it uses protective fabric to keep from damaging the tree trunks.

Snowpeak says it can be set up by one person, but it’s roomy enough to sleep two. No word on whether it sags in the middle so you end up sleeping on top one another or not, but that seems quite likely.

Picking one of these up for your next outdoors adventure will set you back ¥158,000 (that’s yen, which is about $1,300), plus it weighs in at 13 kilograms (almost 30 pounds). That’s about what my pack weighed when I hiked the John Muir Trail. So it’s definitely not something most people will carry with them on a hike.

It reminds me of another hammock-style tent, the Tentsile Stingray 3-Tree Tent. It seems there are some people who really like hanging from trees while camping.


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