Stuff You Don’t Need: Gourmet ButterMate

Every dad I know, including me, has certain skills that they have developed over time to deal with the demands of their children.

One of my essential dad skills — something I can do better than most anyone else — is making macaroni & cheese out of a box.

(Aside: I’m no slouch at making macaroni & cheese from scratch, either. But let’s be honest. Sometimes there’s just not enough time.)

Anyway, one of the key ingredients to the success of my technique is real butter, and, like any ingredient in a recipe, that butter must be measured. Conveniently enough, butter is commonly wrapped in sticks, and the easiest way to obtain a desired portion of butter is to use cut it from a stick of the stuff.

It seems some people think this requires a special tool. But I’m here to tell you this is not so. That’s right, I’m saying you definitely do not need the 32000 Gourmet ButterMate to cut your butter. I’m not even entirely sure what’s gourmet about the thing.

No, you do not need the buttermate

Here’s a tip. The wrapping on almost any stick of butter is printed with handy gradations that let you know exactly how much to cut off for a given portion.

A stick of butter with gradations.

So yeah, don’t use the Buttermate. Save your $10. Just use a knife.

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