Stuff You Don’t Need: Chicken Jackets

Why did the chicken put on its jacket?

To cross the road (safely), of course.

Two chickens wearing reflective yellow vests.

Keeping chickens in an urban setting is popular hobby, and there are a few reasons why it’s a good idea (fresh eggs, insect and weed control, fertilizer production).

But do your chickens need high-visibility chicken jackets?

No, they most certainly do not.

Or tweed chicken jackets?

No, they don’t need these either.

But that doesn’t keep Omelet, a homesteading supply company in Oxfordshire, England (that does sell some functional, if trendy, urban homesteading gear) from selling a large selection of these jackets for chickens.

A high-visibility chicken jacket will set you back £12 (about $20), while a tweed chicken jacket will cost you £20 (approximately $32).

So if you’ve got more money than you know what to do with, your chickens can look like this:

Five chickens wearing tweed jackets.
Chickens in Tweed: Chicken Jackets in action.

Um, yeah. You just don’t need this stuff.

[via Consumerist].


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