No, you do not need the Eggminder.

Stuff You Don’t Need: Eggminder Internet Connected Egg Tray

Bad Eggs No More

We’ve all been there. You’re out somewhere, like maybe the big game, enjoying yourself without a single worry when suddenly — the fear takes hold. A deep, primal, all-consuming fear. You can’t shake it off, you can’t escape it.

You know the fear of which I speak … the fear that the eggs you have stored in your refrigerator are no longer good.

No, you do not need the Eggminder.

Wonder No Longer!

For a mere $11, you can instantly know the status of the eggs in your refrigerator from anywhere in the world thanks to the Eggminder Internet Connected Egg Tray. By the way, that price is way down from the initial $100 they wanted for this thing.

No, you don’t need this.

That said, an egg tray is a pretty nice addition to any refrigerator. If you do need something to hold your eggs, I suggest one of these fine items:

The Last Word

But as we like to do around here, let’s give our old pal Angry Egg the last word on the subject.

Angry Egg does not appreciate being monitored.


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