No, you do not need PaleoBareHands

Stuff You Don’t Need: PaleoBareHANDS

Yes, I turned a blind eye a year or so ago when I saw the PaeloBarefoot chainmaille running sandals. They’re supposedly great for hiking and running, even in mud and water (um, really?), but overall it’s a bit too obvious to most rational humans that no one needs these things.

Not great for hiking and running in mud and water.

But now the same company has created these things they call  PaleoBarehands for the premium price of €183 (not including shipping), so here we are.

Great for holding sticks.

Setting aside the over-use of the prefix Paelo for just about everything these days, there are some challenges with the name PaleoBareHands (and that doesn’t even include weird hyphenation).

First (and most obviously), your hands are not bare. They have chain mail on them. And, secondly, while chain mail was a fairly early invention, it was not worn by Paleolithic humans. They had wood. They had stone. They had hides. But the did not have metal.

The names IronAgeBarehands or MedievalBarehands are better, more accurate, alternatives for this particular product.

But no matter what you call them, one thing is clear — you just don’t need them.

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