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The Coming Coffee Apocalypse, A Meditation

Drink up, the coffee apocalypse is coming!

A cup of coffee before thee apocalypse.

I like coffee. A lot. I’ve been drinking the stuff (black, thank you very much) pretty much non-stop since I was about eight years old, and I have no plans to stop anytime soon.

Certainly not when I read stuff like this recent Good article where Zak Stone writes,

“ … the world is maxing out the volume of coffee it can sustain.”

Well, now. That’s the kind of bold (and somewhat distressing) statement that I find really hard to ignore. So, before the coffee apocalypse arrives, I’m going to continue to enjoy as much coffee as I can — and I encourage everyone to join me.

But before you rush out to buy yourself a cup or two, do yourself a favor: don’t drink just any old coffee — treat yourself to the good stuff.

Oh, and just so you’re getting maximum enjoyment out of those great beans, here’s how to brew the perfect cup of coffee.


Blue Bottle Coffee


Want to brew yourself a decent cup of coffee from great beans?

Try Blue Bottle Coffee.

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