You don't really need this expensive brewing robot to make good beer.

Stuff You Don’t Need: The Minibrew

One of the great pleasures in life is creating something from raw ingredients. That’s why I enjoy brewing beer. Making a tasty, refreshing beverage from water, hops, barley, and yeast gives me great joy.

But the Minibrew, a new device from some enterprising lads in the Netherlands, promises to suck all the enjoyment out of home brewing.

You don't really need this expensive brewing robot to make good beer.

This brewing robot, initially funded through Indiegogo, will handle all the inconvenient and time-consuming aspects of home brewing, including the boiling, mashing, cooling, filtering, fermentation, and even bottling (in the device’s removable, carry along keg). The whole process — which they say takes only 3.5 hours to brew and a week before the product is ready to drink — can be controlled without your messy intervention and from a safe distance through your smartphone (but only if you have an iPhone it seems).

Minibrew iPhone Interface
The Minibrew iPhone interface. You can even order your supplies right from the app. Convenient!

The Minibrew is “currently in development” with a tentative release date of April 2016 and a €1950 price tag (about $2150 or so). That’s a lot of money to make a tiny barrel of beer.

I’m sure in this age of instant pod coffee, this device has a certain appeal to some. But me, I just don’t need it.


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