The Pint

Rewards Package: The Pint from Stable Goods Co.

Way back in October, during a routine stroll through the Internet, I tripped across the Kickstarter for Stable Goods Co.’s The Pint, a canteen that converts to a cup. I was intrigued.

The Pint

Was this something I needed? Not really. We’ve sort of reached a critical mass of water bottles at my house (just ask my wife), but this was a cool product. I liked the look of it — it had a shape that reminded me of an old-time canteen — and the idea of having a water bottle that could easily convert to a goblet-type cup appealed to me. The only decision left was choosing the color — granite (gray) or carbon (black).

The Pint: Granite or Carbon. What to choose?
Image: Stable Goods Co.

After deciding on carbon (only offered in the early edition), I plunked down my $22 and promptly forgot about it Until the other day when The Pint arrived on my doorstep — right when Stable Goods said it would (which is a pretty big win for a Kickstarter).

I’m very pleased that The Pint is exactly what it was promised to be. It’s a fantastic piece of gear. The double-walled design keeps hot beverages hot and cold drinks cold, as advertised, and it fits really well in my hand.

Holding The Pint

I do find that if the bottom isn’t screwed in really tight it leaks. So before I took it out for a trek, I tested its leakproof-ness. I filled it with water, cranked it shut, and let it sit in a bowl overnight. The next morning, not a drop of water had escaped, which was great. But after that, getting the bottom unscrewed (to convert it to a cup) required some serious torque.

It’s also quite heavy — it weighs 9.6 ounces (273 grams) empty and 1 pound, 8.7 ounces (701 grams) full — and only holds 16 ounces (you know — a pint — or 500 milliliters), which is half what a standard Nalgene bottle holds. And I’m just slightly worried about the durability of the plastic loop that keeps the cap attached to the bottle.

But those are all minor gripes. I knew what I was getting into when I ordered The Pint, and it delivers on its claims. I’m not sure I’ll be taking it with me on long hikes when ounces matter, but it’s a great tool for day hikes and jaunts around town.

If that all sounds good to you, it’s not too late to get one of your own. As soon as all the Kickstarter rewards are fulfilled, Stable Goods will be opening their site to direct orders. So if you want a Pint, head on over to Stable Goods where you can sign up to be notified when it’s available for purchase.

Update: The Pint is now available for purchase ($32) through the Stable Shop.


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