Weird Gear: Trail Nest Roof Top Hammock

Weird Gear: Trail Nest Rooftop Hammock Stand

Home is Where You Hang Your Hammock

As you probably know, I’m not really a hammock kind of guy. Now don’t get me wrong, I completely understand the allure of the hammock, but hanging around encased in folds of fabric is just not my thing.

Trail Nest Roof Top Hammock
Image: Trail Nest.

I get that a hammock is the perfect tool for relaxing around the campsite, but when I’m in enjoying the great outdoors, I’m not really lounging around. I prefer to be active. If I’m lying down, I’m going to be sleeping.

An Impractical Solution

Yes, of course, a hammock can also be used for sleeping, but it has always seemed a somewhat impractical solution to me—primarily because you need a pair of conveniently placed trees to set up most hammocks. Sure, locating two cooperating trees is a relatively common happenstance in many places, but when it’s not (like when you’re camping above 10,000 feet), you don’t have a hammock. You just have a weird blanket.

Night Under the Stars

Proponents of hammocks say how great it is to not sleep inside a tent. I will agree that sleeping under the stars is a wonderful experience. But you certainly don’t need a hammock to enjoy the experience of a shelter-free night in the wilderness—simply lie down on the ground and have at it.

So, yeah, I’m not so much for hammocks. But if I ever find myself the need to be hammock-bound, I’m going to be using the Trail Nest Roof Top Hammock Stand.

$350 gets you a metal contraption that mounts on top of your car and features two convenient folding metal arms are the perfect distance apart to hang your hammock on. No longer do you need to hunt for that ideal pair of trees to set up your hammock—just flip out the two arms and you’ll be lounging away.


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