A tree water filter.

Innovative New Idea: The Tree Branch Water Filter

Over the years I’ve used many different solutions for treating and filtering water, but I’ve never used the branch of a tree.

Xylem as Water Filter

This tree branch water filter, which uses the xylem portion from  a cut branch of white pine, claims to be able to remove 99% of E. coli bacteria from up to four liters of water a day. No word on how effective it is against viruses or smaller eukaryotes, like the dreaded giardia.

This technique, which I first learned about on the Facebook John Muir Trail Group (a closed group, but ask for an invite), was devised by a small group at MIT and published in the science journal PLos One, so it’s reasonably legitimate.

So it could be a really cool finding, but until it’s seen some peer review, I’m going to remain a little skeptical. It’s reported on a site called The Ecopreneurist, after all.

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