True Detective True Fan

True Detective True Fan

I Can’t Stop Thinking About True Detective.

But as much as I like it, other people like it even more.

Over at We Keep the Other Bad Men from the Door, designer and  True Detective true fan Nigel Dennis has created a comprehensive, interactive infographic of nearly every character who has appeared on the popular HBO show.

The site is really well done. Dennis’s fondness of the show is evident in every way. Even the title of the site is a tribute to one of Rust Cohle’s ruminations on life from the third episode “The Locked Room:”

“The world needs bad men. We keep the other bad men from the door.”

Rust and Marty by Nigel Evan Dennis
1995 Rust & Marty

Dennis also details some of the show’s supporting ideas, like the Yellow King (with excerpts from the book by Robert Chambers), Cohle’s M-Brane Theory, and a map of the show’s events for the geographically challenged. He even covers one of the many hypotheses (spoilers, naturally) that have propagated across the Internet since the show’s debut.

There are many great inforgraphcis on the site. However, my favorite looks at the muchtalked about long-take tracking shot in episode four, “Who Goes There.”

Entrance and escape from the Hoston Projects by Nigel Evan Dennis
Escape from the Hoston Projects

Dennis is selling very limited posters and postcard sets of the artwork he’s created for the site. Visit his store to see what he’s offering. And don’t pass up the chance to pick up your own Big Hug Mug on eBay.

Big Hug Mug and Lone Star Beer
I’ll take a sixer of Old Milwaukee or Lone Star, nothing snooty.

Now if you’re a True Detective true fan like me, be sure to check out Kevin McFarland‘s excellent weekly episode recaps over on BoingBoing. (he does the same for Justified, too, another show I enjoy watching).


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