Fordsbasement: On the Bow Tie

Tying a Bow Tie (with Bill Nye and Chris Hardwick)

When I decided I would finally learn how to tie a bow tie (that was two years ago), I called up the Internet. I found a video from a gent by the name of Ethan at Sherman Pickey that helped me unlock the “tricky part” of the bow tie tying process.

But when Chris Hardwick (you may know him better as the Nerdist) needed to learn how to tie a bow tie, he called up legendary wearer of bow ties Bill Nye (you may know him better as the Science Guy). Here’s what happened.

Bill’s still a little cagey about how to actually complete the bow proper, but he certainly gets the job done, and quickly.

Here’s another good bow tie video. Pay close attention to step #8.


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