Peak to Plateau Yak Wool Baselayers

Kickstarter Alert: Peak to Plateau Yak Wool Baselayers

Cool New Baselayers from New Zealand (that aren’t merino wool).

A few weeks back I wrote about the Kickstarted Cotopaxi Libre Sweater, which I liked the idea of but didn’t like the look of. This week I got turned onto another piece of clothing hoping for Kickstarter success, the yak wool baselayers from Peak to Plateau. This New Zealand company is offering three different crowd-funded baselayers — the Namtso Tee (named after a Tibetan lake), the Nomad Crew, and the Kailash 1/4 Zip (named after Tibet’s holiest mountain).

Peak to Plateau Yak Wool Baselayers
Peak to Plateau’s Kailash 1/4 Zip (left) and Nomad Crew (right) in action.

The Yak Wool Advantage

Each baselayer is made from 65/35 blend of yak wool and tencel (a sustainable fiber made from cellulose in wood pulp). Peak to Plateau claims that yak wool, which they source directly from herders on the Tibetan plateau, is 40% warmer and 65% more breathable than merino wool. Plus it’s naturally anti-bacterial and anti-static (a factor which has always been a problem for me with polyester-based adventure clothing).

Yak wool comes from yaks on the Tibetan plateau
Yak wool comes from yaks roaming the Tibetan plateau.

The shirts all have raglan sleeves and offset seams for comfort as well as extra-long sleeves with thumb holes to keep your hands warm. And one thing I really like the sly placement of the understated logo (unlike the garish Cotopaxi sweater).

Peak to Plateau Yak Wool Baselayers - thumb holes!
Thumb holes! Subtle logo!

The Namtso tee runs around $65, the Noma crew costs $100, and the Kailish 1/4 zip will set you back about $105 They’re up for backing on Kickstarter for a few more days, so check them out.

All images courtesy of Peak to Plateau.


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