Back in 1989 ...

Death on the Expense Line

Death on the A/P Expense Line. 1989.

Back in 1989, I entered a lot of A/P expenses. You wouldn’t believe how it was back then. I worked in cash redemptions, and these receipts, some of them for incredible sums, would flow in and we (me, along with a team of 19 other enterers) would enter them as fast as we could. Then we’d toss them into a big stack of paper, grab the next one as it tumbled down the pipe, and keep it going. All day long.

Twice a day, that pimply kid from archives would roll in with his squeaky cart and haul that stack away.

We thought it would never end , but when Harrington died in December, right on the line, they came in and shut us down — just like that.

Eventually, everything ends.

(Found object fiction).