Hawaiian Farmer's Market

Hawaiian Farmer’s Market on Kauai

So there we were, in Kauai …

It was my first time ever to Hawaii, and I was really enjoying it. But honestly, you really can’t not enjoy a trip to Hawaii.

Upon arrival we headed out to enjoy some fine Hawaiian beer and plan out the events of the days ahead. The wife, always on the lookout for a good farmer’s market, read in the trusty guidebook (right there on page 40) about a really hot Hawaiian farmer’s market in the nearby Kalaheo area. How hot, you ask? So hot the guidebook recommends you get there when it starts — which is 3:00 on any given Tuesday — because the produce goes quickly.

We agreed that sounded pretty promising and planned our Tuesday around this deadline. After a visit to the beach and a late breakfast, we spent the late morning at the Kauai Coffee Company, then headed back towards Kalaheo. We arrived at the designated spot right at 3:00.

Here’s what we saw:

Farmer's Market, Hawaii
The hustle and bustle of the Hawaiian Farmer’s Market.

The trusty guidebook did not lie; the produce did go fast. So fast that we were out of there in ten minutes, but not before we scored some delicious fingerling bananas and some (more) starfruit. Kids couldn’t get enough of the stuff.

Sliced Starfruit on a cutting board, with knife.

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