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Write Without Distraction on the Hemingwrite

The Hemingwrite

Distractions Loom Around Every Corner

The modern age we live in is full of distractions that keep writers from writing. But in the old days, writers like Ernest Hemingway, a man who liked to keep his writing clean and simple, knew the secret to shut out all the extraneous noise and keep their fingers flying across the keys.

Hemingway doing what Hemingway did.

The Perfect Tool for Distraction-Free Writing

Enter the Hemingwrite, a crazy simple device, which looks a lot like a portable typewriter from the days of yore, that has been called the Kindle of writing composition. It’s lightweight, compact, and is the perfect platform to do all your writing—distraction-free.

The Hemingwrite
Hemingwrite Prototype

It takes the simplicity of a typewriter—a mechanical keyboard as well as a few other manual switches and knobs for that extra bits of tactility—and enhances it with modern conveniences like a battery that lasts for more than four weeks, a memory that holds more than one million written pages, and a six-inch E-Ink display to help keep you writing day and night.

It also comes with built-in wi-fi so you can easily backup your work to your favorite cloud apps (Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox) while avoiding those productivity-sucking beasts (Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia).

Right now it’s available on Kickstarter (and has already blown past its funding goal of $250,000). A backing level of $400 ($100 off the planned retail price) will guarantee you’ll get a Hemingwrite of your very own when they’re released later in 2015, while $25 will get you a T-shirt.

And if the last thing you need is another device, there’s always the cloud-based Hemingway App.

Manual Typewriter


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