Tomatan, a wearable robot that feeds you tomatoes.

There’s this new robot, the result of the Wearable Tomato Project, called Tomatan. You wear it while running, and it feeds you tomatoes. No, really.

"Eat the tomato!" says Tomatan, the tomato-feeding robot.
“Eat the tomato, runner!” Image via Rakyat Post.

From the Rakyat Post:

The “Petit-Tomatan” has a delivery tube attached to a mini-tomato holster worn on the runner’s back, and even a timer that prevents the user from over-indulging and depleting their supply too quickly.

Eating Tomatoes While Running

Now I’ve run a little in my day and there are two things that I can think of I don’t really need on a run:

  1. The added weight of an 8 kg (almost 18 pounds) robot on my shoulders.
  2. The feel of tomatoes sliding down my throat.

But still, I hope this thing takes off. It’ll be easier to pass all those people on the course.

Tomatan in Action

The whole thing is part of a marketing campaign from Kagaome, a Japanese tomato company.

Top image via Kagome Co. Ltd.