Still more crazy coffee contraptions!

Weird and Wonderful Coffee Brewing Devices

Making a decent cup of coffee is neither difficult nor does it have to be expensive. You can make perfect cup of coffee in under five minutes with a $20 Hario v60 Ceramic Dripper Cone and a $28 dollar Hario v60 Range Server.

But some folks like to fancy things up beyond reason, and since the last two times we visited the world of often needlessly complicated crazy coffee contraptions, things have gotten even, well, crazier.

Here’s a look at seven new crazy coffee contraptions that look stylish and will take a bite out of your wallet but won’t necessarily make a better cup of coffee.

Newton Espresso

Newton Espresso

All you need to make a good cup of espresso is this minimalist and unique piston-and-level system. Each unit is hand-assembled from wood, aluminum, and stainless steel by the Newton Espresso folks in Hawke’s Bay New Zealand. $600 (but free shipping).

Makita DCM501Z

Makita DCM501Z

This ruggedized, compact coffee maker, designed for job sites and workshops, runs on the same 12V and 18V lithium-ion batteries that power Makita’s tools. Convenience! The Makita DCM501Z brews a single five-ounce cup of coffee in just five minutes—plenty of time to work up a powerful coffee craving. Additionally, it features a “permanent drip filter,” so there’s no need to use those complicated paper filters. $100 (battery and battery charger sold separately).

Kelvin Coffee Roaster

Kelvin Coffee Roaster

Produced by IA Collaborative (where human-centered design meets business strategy), the Kelvin Coffee Roaster promises to make home coffee roasting both simple and beautiful. But it’s more than just a simple home coffee roaster. The Kelvin also comes with a green coffee bean subscription service (powered by a mobile app, of course). However, it’s not clear if a buyer is locked into the Kelvin’s bean delivery or if they can opt out. Originally appearing on Kickstarter, the Kelvin brags about being fully funded in 3 hours. Impressive. However, it was supposed to ship in December 2018, so its 1,816 now-angry backers are still waiting. $250 (with a free one-pound bag of beans).

It’s American Press

American Press

The It’s American Press (yep, that’s actually what it’s called) looks a lot like the classic French Press (but it’s quite different in practice). The defining features of this initially deceptive device include an ultra-fine (100 micron) steel filtration and a reusable pod that contains the grounds, producing a grit-free cup of coffee and allows for easy clean up. And it’s a bit magic, because according to the specs, the device holds 12 ounces of water—but you can pour out up to 14 ounces of liquid. Amazing! $80.

If you want to see it in action, check out coffee aficionado James Hoffman’s review of this contraption.

Cuisinart PurePrecision Pour Over Coffee Brewer

Cuisinart Pour Over Coffee Maker

When you can’t be bothered to brew your own pour-over by hand, the Cuisinart PurePrecision Pour Over Coffee Brewer will do it for you. As the marking copy says, “Now your friends and family can enjoy the superior coffee taste produced by manual brewers—without the work!” Plus it comes with a unique laser-etched stainless steel filter. All that for just $200.



I have a certain fondness for this contraption. Billed as the first portable lever espresso maker, the Leverpresso, with its high quality 51mm filter, offers café-quality espresso right at your fingertips. It adjusts from 1- to 9-bar pressure all without electricity so you can make an espresso just the way you like it—anytime, anywhere—in just three minutes. $99.

Cafe X Robotic Coffee Bar

Cafe X Robotic Coffee Bar

Allegedly the world’s most advanced system for brewing specialty coffee, tea, and more. This coffee robot can whip up pretty much any coffee drink you can imagine with just the press of a few touchscreen buttons. If you want to experience the coffee shop’s future, you’ll have to pay a visit to the Cafe X kiosks in the San Francisco and San Jose airports. $200,000.

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