Negroni Week: The Negroni

The Negroni

Unlike most cocktails, the origin of the Negroni is quite well-known. It’s named for Italian Count Camillo Negroni, a gentleman who liked to relax by sipping an Americano—an aperitivo made of Campari, sweet vermouth, and soda water—at Florence’s Caffè Casoni.


One day in 1919, the good Count asked Fosco Scarselli, the bartender at Caffè Casoni, to make him something a little more potent than his usual Americano. Scarselli obliged by making the same drink but using gin in place of soda water. The Negroni was born.

I’ve recently been trying to improve my cocktail game. Since June 4 through June 10 of each year is known as Negroni Week, I decided to kick it off by mixing up the classic version of this well-known cocktail. Here’s how you can make one for yourself:


Negroni Ingredients

  • 1 oz. Ford’s Gin (or any gin, but I’m partial to Ford’s)
  • 1 oz. Campari
  • 1 oz. Carpano Antica (or any Italian sweet vermouth)

How to Mix a Negroni

Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass, add ice, and stir for 20 to 30 seconds. Strain into an Old Fashioned glass (also known as a rocks glass) over ice. Garnish with an orange twist. Relax like an Italian count.

Tomorrow I’ll continue the week by experimenting with this classic recipe. So join me, won’t you?

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