Stuff You Don’t Need: The Modobag

The Modobag is a carry-on-sized piece of luggage you ride the airport — and no, you don’t need it.


Friends of P-22 T-Shirt

Friends of P-22, a great shirt honoring the mountain lion P-22 that has made his home in Griffith Park.


BioLite BaseLantern on Kickstarter

The company that brought you the innovative BioLite CampStove sheds some new light on campsite lighting with the BioLite BaseLantern.

Wisconsin Ice Fishing Shanties by Mike Rebholz

The Understated Elegance of Ice Fishing Shanties

Photographer Mike Rebholz focuses his lens on Wisconsin ice fishing shanties, his photos are fantastic.

Freewrite Distraction-Free Typewriter

From Hemingwrite to Freewrite (A Kickstarter Journey)

The Hemingwrite turned into the Freewrite. And after a lot of waiting, it’s finally been released in the wild and coming to a coffee shop near you …


You’re gonna get wet in the Hammocraft

The Hammocraft is comprised of an aluminum frame that attaches as many as five hammocks to a series of inflatable paddleboards. What could go wrong?

John Muir Trail Starts HEre

How to Get a John Muir Trail Permit

If you want to hike the John Muir Trail, you’re going to a wilderness permit from Yosemite National Park. But how do you get one?

The Snowpeak Sky Nest Tent

Weird Gear: Snowpeak Sky Nest Tent

The Snowpeak Sky Nest, is a two-person tent that hangs from the trees like a hammock, but it’s really expensive and really heavy.

BioLite PowerLight Mini

Gear Up: BioLite PowerLight Mini

The BioLite PowerLight Mini is a fantastic compact wearable lantern and rechargeable battery for use in the backcountry and the city.

You don't really need this expensive brewing robot to make good beer.

Stuff You Don’t Need: The Minibrew

The Minibrew will handle all the messy, inconvenient, and time-consuming aspects of home brewing … but you don’t need it.