Sword Cane Saturday: The Knife-Comb

TSA vs Sword Canes. Part V.

This week: The Comb-Knife.

For all those times you’re attacked in the bathroom. Just don’t bring it with you when you board the plane.


Books I Read in 2014

Last year I posted a list of the books I’d read in 2013. But I’m going to confess here that it wasn’t completely complete. I didn’t really start keeping track until about halfway through the year.

So in 2014, I was somewhat more diligent in keeping track of what I read during the course of the year, even going so far as to set up an Evernote notebook to keep track of my read books.I did miss a few though, mainly graphic novels and comic books.

Reading during the first part of the year was pretty slow because a lot of my free time was spent planning our Trip Around the World. And I got all nostalgic and re-read a lot of 90s-era comics (for instance, the entire run of The Realm and its offshoot books) I found when I cleaned out the house. So that occupied a good chunk of my book-reading time.

But once we embarked on our trip, there has been plenty of time to read. So this, then, is a list of most of the …

… Books I Read in 2014

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John Muir, Dead These 100 Years

John Muir died in Los Angeles on Christmas Eve 1914 at 76 years of age.

Muir has been called the patron saint of environmentalism, and his legacy of conservation looms large across California and the United States (there’s even an asteroid named after him). Thanks to Muir, millions of people have been able to experience the wonders of the natural world that, quite possibly, would not be around had it not been for his efforts.

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Hellboy: Weird Tales

Out just in time for the gift-giving season, Hellboy: Weird Tales.

This hardcover collection of odd Hellboy stories from a host of great writers and artists, includes “Theatre of the Dead,” a Hellboy short story I wrote with Jim Pascoe (with whom I also co-wrote By the Balls) and illustrated by Simeon Wilkins, the gent who drew the storyboards for the Hellboy movie.

Hellboy Weird Tales Cover

Hellboy: Weird Tales, the perfect gift for any fan of Hellboy.



Write Without Distraction on the Hemingwrite

Distractions Loom Around Every Corner

The modern age we live in is full of distractions that keep writers from writing. But in the old days, writers like Ernest Hemingway, a man who liked to keep his writing clean and simple, knew the secret to shut out all the extraneous noise and keep their fingers flying across the keys.

Hemingway doing what Hemingway did.

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No Sword Canes on the Plane.

TSA vs Sword Canes. Part IV.

Yes, it’s another sword cane found by the TSA.


The Return of the Ghostly Sunglasses

The Curtis Reissued in New Colors

I recently made a confession about how Curtis sunglasses (also known as  Ghostly Sunglasses), a collaboration between disruptive eyeglass provider Warby Parker and independent record label Ghostly International, were my favorite sunglasses.

So I was pretty happy when I found out The Curtis is being reissued in three new, cool colors.

The Curtis in Moss
The Curtis in Moss. Image: Warby-Parker.

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