The Manhattan


Manhattan When it comes to bold, boozy drinks, the Manhattan is king. It’s a classy, civilized drink that’s easy to make and easy to drink. Maybe too easy. Like many drinks that date back to the nascent days of cocktail crafting, there’s a bit of mythology about this drink’s creation. The most oft-repeated lore has… Read more »

Cool Tools Podcast Appearance

An Appearance on the Cool Tools Podcast

Recently I was a guest on the Cool Tools podcast where I presented four cool tools I find useful and hope others will too. Give it a listen!

The Daiquiri


The Daiquiri is a simple yet elegant cocktail—and one well worth drinking.

Basil Smash

Basil Smash

The Basil Smash is a great and flavorful summer sipping cocktail.

Boldr Expedition Everest

Adventure Watch: Boldr Expedition Everest

Presenting the Boldr Expedition Everest, an automatic field watch with rugged good looks.

Unboxed: BattleBox No. 1 - February 2017

Unboxed: BattlBox April 2017

For this edition of Unboxed, I try to come clean with the BattlBox April 2017 subscription box which claims to be a Dopp kit.

Negroni Week: Coffee Negroni

Negroni Week: Coffee Negroni

For the final beverage of Negroni Week, we turn away from the potent spirit-forward drinks and to the civilized variant known as the Coffee Negroni (a/k/a the Caffègroni).

Negroni Week: The Agavoni

Negroni Week: Agavoni

Negroni Week rolls on, and today I take a look at another Negroni-like cocktail—The Agavoni—using tequila instead of gin.

Negroni Week: Boulevardier

Negroni Week: Boulevardier

We take a slight detour down bourbon lane on our Negroni Week journey today with the Boulevardier.

Negroni Week: Negroni Flip

Negroni Week: Negroni Flip

Negroni week continues moving along. Today we turn things upside-down with a somewhat unusual take on the Negroni—the Negroni Flip.