SYDN: Keratase Hair Coach

Stuff You Don’t Need: Keratase Hair Coach

When it comes to brushing your hair, you definitely don’t need the Kerastase Hair Coach.

Unboxed: BivySak December 2016

BivySak: They Ship. You Explore. BivySak, unlike some of the other subscription boxes I’ve reviewed here, ships quarterly. This means, of course, it’s a little more expensive on a per-shipment basis. However, if you look at the cost over a three-month period,the price of each shipment is competitive with other boxes, which tend to run… Read more »

Cow? Or Fish?

An Udderly Ridiculous Interaction with Niantic Ingress Support

Niantic Ingress Support wants you to believe a fish is cow.

JMT Permit Revision

Applying for a John Muir Trail Permit May Have Gotten Easier

It may be easier to apply for a John Muir Trail permit, but getting one may be more challenging, thanks to a revision in this years reservation process.

5 Backpacking Recipes

5 Backpacking Recipes Anyone Can Make

Just because you’re miles from anything resembling civilization doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a civilized meal. These 5 backpacking recipes will keep even the hungriest of hungry hikers satisfied—at least until breakfast.

Unboxed: Nomadik (November 2016)

Join me as I open up the Nomadik November 2016 subscription box and take a critical look at what’s inside.

Books I Read in 2016

Books I Read 2016

Like I do every year, in 2016 I read some books. However, despite great aspirations, I didn’t finish off as many as I’d read in 2015. That means now many of the books in my “to read in 2016” stack will carry over into 2017. At least I hope. Until then, these are the …… Read more »

Unboxed: Isle Box (November 2016)

Unboxed #6 takes a look at the Isle Box November 2016 subscription box.

Firewatch, a Game about Fire Lookout Towers

‘Firewatch,’ The Game About Fire Lookout Towers

I’ve long been fascinated by Fire Lookout Towers, so when I learned about Campo Santo’s ‘Firewatch’ video game, I knew I’d definitely be playing.

Backcountry XX Adventure

Backcountry XX — 20 Hidden Prizes to Celebrate 20 Years

Backcountry XX celebrates 20 Years of Backcountry with hidden 20 prizes in remote outdoor locations across the United States. You’re challenged to get out and find them.